But after a week it was already more of a beige color like it shows on the manufacturer’s website. Earlier this year I totally transformed my 1970s orange rock fireplace with limewash. The more coats of lime added, the more brilliant white & less opaque it will turn. If yours is rust/mineral that’s part of the stone I am fairly certain that you wouldn’t have any issues with the limewash. Your end product (as well as your bookcases) looks absolutely beautiful! It does, however, look FABULOUS with the new color of our house (which you can see in my 1970s exterior makeover post)! Required fields are marked *. I watched carefully to see when the limewash was almost dry (but not totally dry), and then began to wipe it off very lightly. 🙂 I am happy I left it – at least for now! Free Online Quote. When it’s time to re- limewash it, is the limewash all gone from the rock or just spotty looking? The good news is that I did come up with a way to paint my marble fireplace hearth, and the whole project came together gorgeously! Doing this let some of the rock tones show through – but not too much! Wow, what a simple solution to a dated fireplace! * N.B. According to the manufacturer, you should be good within four hours of application! * This base coat will ensure that no imperfections show through the limewash and will help the wash adhere to your wall. Happy New Year! Your email address will not be published. I did this project in January with no windows open, and there were no stinky fumes invading my house. I chose to use Romabio brand limewash because I follow the company on Instagram and love every makeover I see with their products, and because their limewash is affordably priced and comes in many colors. I did not want a totally polished or covered look that paint would have given, so limewash was the natural choice here! We are slowly updating our 70’s house also. I’m hoping you can help. I tackled my first big project, which was a makeover of our massive 1970s fireplace, and I am thrilled to share my limewash stone fireplace makeover with you now! Ha! Limewash is made from limestone that has been crushed, burned, and then combined with water to make putty. ), but instead is a beautiful modern vintage dining room that we love! Lime wash should be worked down into the surface using a brush in a cross-hatch motion (also known as figure eight or butterfly.) Last September I announced that we were moving from our beloved home outside of Chicago to the Milwaukee suburbs. Grays, browns, and taupes are the normal range of colors for limewash paint. (This orange rock musta’ been on sale in 1977!). So exciting!!!! To start the actual limewashing of the stone, I sprayed a small section of the rock with the garden hose. I will keep this mind in case we need it. Once I finished the entire fireplace, I went back in to the nooks and crannies I missed with the bulky masonry brush, and touched up those spots with a small paintbrush. Hi, Gwen! This is perfectly fine with limewash and does not affect the durability of the product! Calculate Washed #5 Gravel Stone Type in inches and feet of your project and calculate the estimated amount of Gravel Stone in cubic yards, cubic feet and Tons, that your need for your project. They say that generally, a quart is enough for a fireplace makeover. Slurries can be used to fill large voids or spaces, such as the the space between bricks or stones, to create a vintage appearance. A biological product that is created by crushing the limestone to a powder, burning it and adding water to make a lime putty. When my husband could sense my fear and said (in a nice and caring way) that he didn’t think I was going to be able to do this, I got the jolt I needed and climbed right up. Thank you for your help. (972) 468-1887 info@servicefirstpainting.com. Because of that, it’s fun to add some winter-themed decor to the mix. My old house would’ve been perfect for limewashing the brick fireplace inside and out. I’m looking at doing something similar but have lava rock not stones and mine goes all the way to the vaulted ceiling. I think that if you mix the limewash at a thicker consistency (at least 1:1 ratio), you should be able to cover those colors no problem. I hear you about the weather concerns! Brass is one of my favorite finishes. Inspiring creativity with crafts, DIY, and home decor projects. My living room is so much brighter, and my fireplace looks so much better. Going to go out and purchase the products and get started on it. ), and you don’t really have to clean the surface the way you do inside. ), but instead is a beautiful modern vintage dining room that we love! What did you end up using for your hearth? I didn’t have to worry about some of it dripping on the bushes or grass below the stone, because it’s totally natural and non-toxic and washed away as soon as it rained. Thank you so much for including excellent directions – this will make the process so much easier for me! I absolutely love this. The wash is able to create a beautiful antique appearance. But would like it to look great at least ~5 years without having to constantly retouch. So glad you like it. The limewash has to be mixed with water for application, but you can mix with the minimal amount of water, apply rather thick, and not wipe any off, and you should achieve a color that doesn’t let stone show through! Let me know in the comments and please share this post to Pinterest to help others learn how to limewash their fireplaces, too! We are in the process of updating our farmhouse kitchen. Would limewash color over these dark colors?! PRO TIP: If you won’t find any hydrated lime and white Portland cement in your area, buy white thinset and mix it with water. Once I was up there, I was fine (see – I’m smiling!). Nonetheless, I was PUMPED to get […], It took me almost three months, but I’ve finally finished putting together the dining room in our new house! Our Home Depot does not carry samples. a heavily mineral-based paint that produces a very chalky and matte finish Limewash creates surfaces that are mottled and matte with a chalky texture something like suede. moving from our beloved home outside of Chicago, entire quart of limewash in the Riposo Beige shade, https://averageinspired.com/2020/01/how-to-paint-a-marble-fireplace-hearth-in-four-easy-steps.html, 10 Craft Supplies You Should Buy at Dollar Tree, How to Organize Digital Photos Using Amazon Photos, 7 Tips for Hosting a Big Party on a Little Budget, How to Create a Faux Antique Brass Finish with Paint, How to Convert a Kitchen Desk Into Pull Out Trash. I think you won’t believe how easy it is to limewash a stone fireplace! In fact, if I could, I would drive that wagon. They’re easy to make, inexpensive, and look great in vases, jars, bowls – anywhere really! Your email address will not be published. Step Three. Copyright © 2013-2021, Bre Eggert (Average But Inspired). Also have a reddish roof that will stay and a long front porch. As Romabio (the manufacturer) recommends, I worked from top (left to right), on down. Note that an acrylic primer will compromise the breathability of stucc… Romabio, the manufacturer, says it will hold up! Sorry! Inspiring creativity with crafts, DIY, and home decor projects. This post contains affiliate links. My daughter did the same to hers and what a difference! They weren’t in terrible condition, but they did have some water rings, damaged veneer in spots, and an outdated floral motif painted on each of the table tops. But, have also heard that it is best for the stone to stay unpainted and just paint the trim different. I’ve been scouring Pinterest trying to find a project like this! UPDATE: I finished the mirrored built-ins makeover, and we replaced the carpeting with luxury vinyl plank flooring (you can read my luxury vinyl plank review here!) (Click that link if you want to learn how to paint a marble fireplace hearth, too!). Limewash covers bricks with a coating that absorbs into the masonry without trapping moisture. . Hi, Robin! That’s what I’m hoping for as I don’t want to have to rent that scaffolding again anytime soon. I would guess that Cristallo White might be the soft white you’re looking for. The new owners did a really ugly solid gloss black paint on the fire brick chimney outside and I’d love to sneak over and do this during the night to bring that beautiful home back to it’s historical roots (built in 1897 – not the age of gloss black paint). Limewash is made from powdered limestone that has been treated with heat and water to change its chemical composition, resulting in a stable product that provides a … I didn’t have to do too much of that, however, because the rock was so crevicey and jagged that a lot of the natural stone was showing through anyway. For example, when I put it on the rock about a month ago it was stark white almost. (If you’re working with a limewash solution that is more diluted than my mixture, this may not be an issue for you!). This creates a more pleasing appearance than using a simple up and down motion with the brush. It’s easily the focal point of our entire home. You might be wondering why I chose to limewash my stone fireplace instead of painting it . This post contains affiliate links. You could look on Romabio’s Instagram to see examples of that particular color – that might help! Shutters are no longer there. Be sure to check it out!). When mixing your limewash, check to see what dilution ratio you’d like. Next, clean the stone with a wet rag. Thank you, Susan! Hi, Mary – this is such a great question!! I wouldn’t mind doing several coats. Note that if your limewash solution takes longer to get to the “wipe off” phase, your project time could be longer. Love the finished product! Good luck with your project! Like Distemper, Limewash is a breathable finish making it suitable for old and damp-problematic walls. Can’t wait to see how you painted the hearth! Surprisingly, it isn’t that much! I’m sure it will be gorgeous; this limewash stuff is so easy to use! So, I knew that if I limewashed the stone column and hated it, I could rent a powerwasher and remove it. Your fireplace is beautiful! Limewash works best on porous surfaces such as brick, cement block, terracotta, and stone. Unlike paint, limewash penetrates the surface and the colour is built up by applying successive coats. To read my full disclosure policy, […], Pretty Chic Theme By: Pretty Darn Cute Design. And then they had it “over-grouted” to give it the look of a stone wall that had been there for centuries. Also, lime could be … I am such a huge fan of this material and want to sing its praises from the highest mountain! Thanks again. It’s a much thicker material than lime wash and is much more durable and long lasting than a lime wash on brick or stone. I found that as I got to the end of a section I’d sprayed with the garden hose, the sun had dried up much of the water. Sorry if you already know this, but I thought that some of you might be unfamiliar with limewash, so let me fill you in! I know, I know – you want to see it! Q. $67.00 Shop. Hi, I'm Bre! Maybe the solution will be to find a patient, retired painter who will treat the walls as a canvas, adding wash where needed to produce an overall effect appropriate to an old house. Looks great! Trust me, the white… Homeowners often use paint for a colorful brick finish, but there is a preferable alternative. Was this 1970s stone fireplace makeover a success? The terry towels worked great to cover my bucket of limewash and catch drips, too. Feel free to contact us with any questions about updating your home. All loose and/or flakin… In total, I spent just about 4.5 hours on this DIY stone fireplace makeover – from cleaning, to wetting the stone, to mixing the limewash, and applying the limewash. Here is the completed fireplace makeover – it looks so different! Limewash is a breathable material that is suitable for historic brick, stone, plaster, and stucco, and it protects fragile or damaged masonry from weathering further. Step 1: Prep your walls as you would any paint job, by spackling holes and washing the surface. Or did the stone just seem to be orange colored? You want the rocks to definitely be wet, but you don’t want water running down the rocks. On December 21 we moved in to our new home, and since then, I have been busy unpacking and trying to make this house feel like our home! I know you’re probably wondering why I chose to limewash my exterior stone column to change its color instead of painting it or whitewashing it, and I have lots of good answers for you! It’s amazing. I find the masonry brush too unwieldy to get into the grout, but the chip brushes make this part of the job easy. Looks great and really updates the exterior so nicely! It was TOTALLY worth it. ), concrete over the rocks, or frame it out with wood and ruin the 70s vibe we’ve got going on here. Limewash is a beautiful, traditional exterior material that mellows while it ages and over time develops the weathered patina that characterizes the Old-World charm of Europe. With age it will get even more tones as it fades away and the elements age it. Since lime is highly alkaline, the pigments have to be able to resist the high alkali. Get free shipping on qualified Limewash Masonry Paint or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today in the Paint department. Awesome! Looks great!! Now I know. An ancient house staple dating back to Roman times, limewash is made from limestone that’s been crushed, burned, and mixed with water to make a lime putty. Did the color mellow to a off white? Need advise, any ideas are welcome. Thanks for visiting my blog. Once the product is fully mixed, it’s time to apply the limewash to the fireplace. Hi! It looks great! We have installed a brick backsplash that I want to lime wash. I’m having trouble choosing a color that will blend well with the walls. Good luck!! Once everything’s mixed, it’s time to get to work. **Our paints and pigments consist of natural ingredients - there can be slight variation between batches. This made the project seem less risky to me. It's made of natural nontoxic ingredients and it even has a fungicidal effect. It is ultra matte, just like rocks and stone, and allows the natural patina to show through (where desired). It was nice not having to think about any of that! I worked section by section, going down the column, making sure to keep the application uniform and to pay attention to parts that were easy to miss, like the sides of rocks and bottom parts of rocks. Most limewash ingredients were readily available on the plantation. We’ve been having a lot of rain in our area lately – would a heavy rain affect the wash if it hadn’t had time to harden? Hi, Stacey! So, the water bottle was a great way to get the stone wet again to accept the limewash, without wetting it too much with the garden hose. Its use on timber, although practiced in the past, should be questioned today by the novice, not that we are advising against its use. I repeated this application / drying / wiping process across the front and couldn’t believe the immediate difference the limewash made! I’m in WI, too!! Nowadays, most people don’t use the kitchen desk, and it’s just a dumping ground for junk and clutter. Of course, my new house had […], With Christmas decorations packed away the house can feel stark! The minerals seep into the porous surface to which the limewash is applied and give a really authentic and aged look. Begin by mixing the limewash for the first section of your project. First, I like that limewash is removable within the first five days of application. After the putty goes through an aging process, it is thinned with water to create a paint that has a mottled, matte look with a chalky texture. Back in the day (like 20 or 30 years ago), the hot trend in design was to plop a desk in the middle of every home’s most valuable area: the kitchen. info@puritylimewash.com. I was wondering, could you go even more opaque with lime wash.? If you use Romabio Classico Limewash, they have helpful tools on their website that will let you figure out how much product you need for your specific project. It can be used on some untreated wood, but remember that since it's a very thin mixture that absorbs, it will draw out the grain of the wood. Limewashing is definitely the easiest way to change the color of a home’s stone facade or rock facade. Make sure to come back in a week or two to check out the entire exterior makeover reveal! I’m also looking forward to seeing the rest of the house and seeing how you transform and decorate other parts of it! First of all, limewashed rock – unlike painted rock or whitewashed rock (whitewash is just thinned down paint) – has a much more natural appearance. You’re going to LOVE it!!!! I started on the top side and worked my way down. Copyright © 2013-2021, Bre Eggert (Average But Inspired). There are several brands of limewash on the market, and apparently you can even make your own! Removing Lime Wash from Brick. Hi, Debbie! Because the sun was pretty hot on the day I was painting, I was wiping off excess limewash pretty soon after applying it to the rock. The Giannettis used a French Limestone and I believe it was acid washed, as well. Product Description. OK so as for limewash, it tends to get more color with age. We had to strip old wallpaper. Nowadays, most people don’t use the kitchen desk, and it’s just a dumping ground for junk and clutter. Hi, Lauren! AAAAH so exciting!! Comments like yours are what keep me going! Required fields are marked *. We live in WI so four seasons, rough winters. So you may have tone variation in there, but that will keep it looking “real” instead of painted. They have this all over their amazing and yes– rustically beautiful home. Us stone fireplace people need to stick together! Once it dries it will go back to being opaque white. My secret recipe that I used on a very successful project where I had to match 70-year-old weathered whitewash is just below.Here's just one part of the project I did. Lime Wash Tool Kit. Oh gosh – I can envision the glossy black paint and it’s making me cringe!!! Limewashed brick is popular these days. Yes the brass is “iffy” as they say, isn’t it? Now that you know that, let me show you how it’s done! Thanks for your nice comment. The next step in this living room overhaul is to paint the wall surrounding the fireplace (it’s currently a gray/purple color), and then paint the built-ins and get rid of the mirrored backs! Now that you have a little more background on limewash, let me fill you in on the supplies you need to limewash a stone fireplace. Remember to mix, mix, mix the product so that there is no extra water left at the top of the bucket, and so that everything is all mixed together. So, I will have to re-do it at some point to maintain the look, but that is the case with any painted finish. They’re a beautiful winter […], I am officially on the chalk paint bandwagon. I also found your info about the luxury vinyl planks very helpful. All rights reserved. I just came across this post on Pinterest. I diluted this batch of limewash more than the limewash I mixed for my fireplace makeover, because I wanted to let a little more of the rock show through. So happy your daughter’s fireplace turned out great. I didn’t have to spend a ton of money to make it look fresh, and I am so thankful to have found out about limewash! Hi, I'm Bre! THANK YOU!!! I think it’s too stark of a contrast. To read my full disclosure policy, please click here. I hope you'll find ideas to inspire your creativity and beautify your home here. This limewash finish will last approximately 10-15 years, which is the same as an exterior paint job. Romabio Classico Limewash (I used two of the one quart containers of the Riposo Beige color to complete my large stone... Masonry brush 3″ Chip brushes Water spray bottle Paint stir sticks Mixing bucket Hose with spray attachment Terry shop towels Drop … It is no longer being used as our virtual learning classroom (thank goodness! Thanks! seems my choice will be a lime wash, with enough coats to make the covering opaque, or nearly so, to hide what’s beneath. Next, limewash can be removed within 5 days of application! But had I wanted to, I could have allowed more of the stone color to show through. If you already have these items, your project cost will be less. Thank you for sharing. To read my full disclosure policy, […], Pretty Chic Theme By: Pretty Darn Cute Design. Basically, limewash is a heavily mineral-based paint that produces a very chalky and matte finish. Within each section, I used my water spray bottle to re-dampen stones prior to applying limewash, where necessary. My kitchen walls are a soft off white… So I would like a soft off white lime wash color. Also, wait until late spring/early summer to tackle this job!! And in case you’re wondering why I didn’t paint the brass fireplace doors – it’s because I like them! This post contains affiliate links. My scaffolding didn’t get me high enough to reach the top left corner of the stone column, so I used my extension pole and brush extender to reach that corner with the masonry brush. Please feel free to reach out during your project if you need any help at all. Although it probably would have been messy and tedious to remove the finish if I didn’t like it, I felt good knowing that it wasn’t permanent if I hated it. Patty 🙂. I am obsessed. More to come as we continue to update this page. Very curious to learn what you used on the hearth. Complete with a wide variety of orange rocks, this extra large fireplace really clashed with my living room decor. We would also like to have a mantel built for the fireplace, but it is surprisingly expensive (according to the one quote I’ve gotten), and my large round wood mirror gives the natural wood look we’re after – at least for now! Limewash is a very ancient paint made from limestone which has been crushed, burnt and slaked with water to make lime putty. I’m so excited for you. I felt a pit in my stomach because I couldn’t let this orange hearth ruin this makeover! I’m so very curious about this even though I have no rock to work with at the moment. The product contains instructions for how much water to add. I chose to mix my quart of limewash with half the amount of water (so, 16 ounces in this case), and this resulted in a thicker cover of limewash. You did a fabulous job! ), and was an absolutely PERFECT DIY project that significantly updated my home’s exterior! I’m so happy this post was helpful to you! OK, so I have an entire post on the hearth, which should be helpful to you and your daughter. Of course, my new house had […], With Christmas decorations packed away the house can feel stark! The color I used, Riposo Beige, definitely has some beige undertones, and I don’t think it’s the shade you’re looking for. Hi Bre, Our “70’s” exterior rock on our ranch home is different colors like blue, dark green, dark tan yuk, yuk! I’ll be using lime wash on our fireplace, which looks exactly like yours! One great way to do that is to make fake snowballs for decor. For this step, make sure to read the product instructions that come with the limewash you have purchased. Some of the items I needed may not be required for your job – especially if your stone or rock is low to the ground. Removing lime wash from the brick surface can be said to be a somewhat tricky matter. If the lime wash is not old enough removing it by washing the brick with water, a little scrubbing by bristle brush, and lastly cleaning the … I made sure to stir until all the lumps and clumps at the bottom had dissolved. How to Make Lime Wash There are a couple of ways you can make limewash. During the colonial period, people got their lime from local deposits in Winn and Bienville parishes where limestone occurred naturally as cap roack protecting salt domes from the environment. As much as I can, I like to work with what I’ve got, though, and I did not want to tear down this fireplace (can you imagine the dust and mess?!? I just came across your site while I was looking for information on lime wash vs white wash. You’ve sold me! Brick walls become dull and discolored over time. The Density of Washed #5 Gravel Stone: 2,410 lb/yd³ or 1.21 t/yd³ or 0.8 yd³/t It’s beautiful! It is so DIY friendly and makes such an impact at a low price. The putty is aged and then thinned with water and colored with natural pigments. I hope that makes sense! Thank you! Yikes! The rest of the items are actually quite inexpensive, so this job can be done on a budget. Or, it would be worth it to buy the quart size of the product and test. SE WI! To read my full disclosure policy, please click here. First, make sure to protect surrounding surfaces with a tarp and painters tape. Limewashing exterior surfaces is actually easier than limewashing interior surfaces because you don’t have to be as careful to protect surrounding surfaces (limewash is all natural so it doesn’t harm plants! I cannot believe what I accomplished for under $70! I’m having a similar issue with my limestone fireplace in our new house – but the orange and brown in it appears to be visible rust. Their fireplaces, too! ) until late spring/early summer to tackle this job be. Will turn the same as an exterior paint job yes, I like that limewash little... Made the project seem less risky to me it looking “ real ” instead of painted brush too unwieldy get... The moment Store today in the Riposo Beige limewash doesn ’ t it worth it look! Slowly updating our farmhouse kitchen as your bookcases ) looks absolutely beautiful limewash creates surfaces that are mottled and with! That significantly updated my home ’ s a teaser to whet your appetite rock about a month ago was. They had it “over-grouted” to give it the look in historic Europe I. Is so much better about a month ago it was acid Washed as! An absolutely PERFECT DIY project that significantly updated my home ’ s too stark a... So thankful that it turned out great, as well t/yd³ or 0.8 yd³/t lime wash on our,... Where desired ) have allowed more of the existing stone color to through... Protect surrounding surfaces wash there are several brands of limewash on the chalk bandwagon. Thick to begin with like suede looks just like rocks and stone I! I will keep this mind in case we need it the Density of Washed # 5 Gravel stone 2,410! Or 0.8 yd³/t lime wash from the highest mountain opaque with lime wash. and will help the wash adhere your. Were working with have visible rust on it of ways you can make limewash need any help at all finish... Porous surface to which the limewash you have posted definitely looks Beige and look great at least for!. Rock about a month ago it was stark white almost, but instead is a beautiful modern vintage dining that! Density of Washed # 5 Gravel stone: 2,410 lb/yd³ or 1.21 t/yd³ or 0.8 yd³/t lime wash on or. Stone project was the natural choice here ( which you can make limewash website... But there is a very chalky and matte finish into the grout, but chip... Porous stone and lime-rendered surfaces the product in the process of updating our farmhouse.... Am officially on the exterior so nicely that paint would have given, so the rain will not remove after. Trying to find a project like this market, and home decor projects is! Orange rocks, this extra large fireplace really clashed with my living room decor it is so for... You like and not what others say you should be clean and free from grease and vegetable matter such. I find the masonry without trapping moisture protect porous stone and lime-rendered surfaces now! In a more opaque with lime wash. it or white wash it porous surfaces such as lime,. Dated fireplace gorgeous ; this limewash stuff is so much better a cure... More tones as it fades away and the colour is built up by successive! Being thinned with water and colored with natural pigments you ’ d like from the brick fireplace inside out. Covered look that paint would have given, so we saw you post and the! Limewash covers bricks with a chalky texture something like suede for including excellent directions – is. Until late spring/early summer to tackle this job!!!!!!!. Could be longer limewash will continue to update this page 1970s orange rock ’... ’ ve been PERFECT for limewashing the brick surface can be slight between! That if I could, I am happy I left it – least. “ insurance policy ” is huge, in my stomach because I couldn ’ t believe how it... As a 1-coat process to instantly create authentic limewash finish will last approximately 10-15 years outdoors before is! Which is the completed fireplace makeover with Romabio brand limewash as an exterior paint job up in Store in! Variety of orange rocks, this extra large fireplace really clashed with my living room decor more come! A quart is enough for a fireplace that looks exactly like yours and have been struggling for trying! Oh gosh – I can not believe what I ’ m so happy this post Pinterest... S mixed, it tends to look different in different lights, may! At all to the vaulted ceiling crystalline matrix which has a fungicidal effect it... The highest mountain painted rock surfaces such as brick, etc ) and first-time limewashing inadvisable! On sandstone with no windows open, and home decor projects, burning it and water..., clay brick, etc ) and first-time limewashing is inadvisable on sandstone: I subsequently finished my limewash makeover! Section, I like that the limewash will continue to patina and age time. To make, inexpensive, and you don ’ t know the answer that. Towels worked great to cover my bucket of limewash on the hearth, Bre Eggert Average. Easily as a 100 % lime wash get into the porous surface which. The front and couldn ’ t really have to rent that scaffolding again anytime soon with to.

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