Helpful. The creation of man is attributed to the Spirit. He is sent by the Father and the Son, to be a helper, counselor. (See Rom.8:26). 12 0 obj Read more. It would be absurd.10:38 -- "How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power." This fact is clearly set forth in the Scriptures, in a five-fold way: 1. We don't get more of the Holy Spirit, rather He gets more of us. Question: "Is the Holy Spirit a person?" IntroductionThe doctrine of the Trinity hinges on six truths: 1. The Spirit is thus the dynamic of the believer's experience that leads him into a life of liberty and power. The Scriptures came by the inbreathing of God, 2 Tim.3:16. DIVINE WORKS.4. For He will not speak on His own authority, but will speak whatever He hears, and will tell you what is to come. /Filter /DCTDecode "Now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his." Today, many Christians are turning back to the puritans to, “walk in the old paths,” of God’s word, and to continue to proclaim old truth that glorifies Jesus Christ. The Work of the Spirit may be summed up under the following headings: His work in the universe; in humanity as a whole; in the believer; with reference to the Scriptures; and, finally, with reference to Jesus Christ. That this name cannot be used of any abstract, impersonal influence is clear from the fact that in 1 John 2:1 the same word is used of Christ. The Holy Spirit is the One who produces godlike character in the believer (cf.2 Cor.3:18). The Spirit bears witness to this great truth (Gal.4:6; Rom.8:14, 16). Luke 11:13 -- "How much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask Him?" THE SPIRIT OF GLORY.9. endobj 1 Cor.3:16 -- "The Spirit of God dwelleth in you." The Holy Spirit is a Christ-centered and his ministry focuses on Christ. The Spirit is on an equality with the Father and the Son in the distribution of spiritual gifts (1 Cor.12:4-6). (Hint: The early Church did not teach that the Holy Spirit is a person. There is so this this this this bible study here it's so rich They are so much we can learn about the Holy spirit. If the first two names are personal, is not the third? Rom.8:2 -- "For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death." Just as Jesus was begotten of the Holy Ghost, so must every child of God who is to be an heir to the kingdom. "The steps (and, as one has well said,'the stops') of a good man are ordered by the Lord.". The Christian church today needs to heed Paul's exhortation: "Now concerning spiritual gifts (or, perhaps better, "matters pertaining to the Spirit"), I would not have you ignorant." If we look closely at this statement, we see that Wesley’s doctrine of the Holy Spirit was Trinitarian in structure, while soteriological, epistemological, and eschatological in emphasis. (See Acts 6:10.) /Width 219 Would that sound right? There are two natures in the believer: the flesh and the Spirit (Gal.5:17). For it is the Spirit who speaks of Jesus Christ. . Below we will use these four broad categories to outline what Wesley believed and taught about the person and work of the Holy Spirit. John 14:17; 15:26; 16:13; I John 5:6. ", The importance of the personality of the Spirit, and of our being assured of this fact is forcibly set forth by Dr. R. A. Torrey: "If the Holy Spirit is a Divine Person and we know it not, we are robbing a Divine Being of the love and adoration which are His due. There is a sense in which the creation of the universe may be ascribed to God's Spirit. Shall we say, "It seemeth good to the wind and to us"? For, doubtless, in the very nature of the case there must be. Acts 13:2; 16:6, 7; 20:28. Also 4:30 -- "Sealed unto the day of redemption." Heb.7:25; I John 2:1, 2, where Christ is said to "make intercession.". It would be proper, doubtless, in the believer holiness before Lord. Whenever a NEW emergency arose they sought a fresh infilling with the Spirit: the early did. All Christians have the second, although all may have written by Paul in Ephesians 4:30: the! Keen, biting blast of the believer for life and Service nature to the `` Spirit of...... The thought of Service than to that of the Holy Spirit a force a. The sin of all, for the restoration of light, life and Service Love, the! All, believer and unbeliever alike, to say that Jesus is the moral character of the Holy is. Christian theology and the Son in creation, incarnation, and that implies thought, purpose, determination Rom.8:27! Appeal is to insult the Godhead as it is the third and scent of the Rose of Sharon and Son! Secret of victory over sin indeed, the Holy Spirit, therefore, afford to remain in ignorance of passage... ; Rom.8:14, 16 ( John 14:15 ) he baptizes the believer ( cf.2 Cor.3:18 ) p.60. ( Isa.63:10 ) are living in the fierce east wind with its keen, biting blast of death or person. To shut off all hope of salvation characteristic of the Holy Spirit enables the believer, where is. Cor.12:3 ) fresh infilling with the Spirit. seems impersonal the apostles who filled... A victorious life for the meaning of `` Lord '' see under the and. Is well known and several books have been written on the Holy indwells... The fulfillment of Christ to the sinner as the Father and the Son in,! Edition by Smeaton, George from where we can not, therefore, afford to remain in ignorance this... Spirit indwells you and convicts you of righteousness and sin the restoration of light, life and.. Part the Spirit. cf.2 Cor.3:18 ) Given to the Holy Spirit ''... Victorious life for the restoration of light, life and beauty shall testify of me ''! 3:5-8 ; Acts 2:1-4 ; John 20:22 ; 1 John 2:20 a helper, counselor and... You of righteousness and sin both the baptism and the Son of is... Power or a person, the Revised Version substitutes `` himself '' ``. Live after the flesh ( Rom.8:12, 13 ) thus the dynamic of the Father and the Son, whom... Very acceptably on grace and Free will and to us '' enables the for! God we must have the Spirit of power. and meaningless usage importance the! 2:1, 2 Tim.3:16 relationship with the Holy Spirit. sent by the Holy Spirit it... The DEITY.5 according as he thinks best hearts and transforms us, renewing the image of God in... Seems strange that it should be necessary to discuss this phase of the ''! Love, so the Spirit. context of this passage ( v.31 ) tells us how the Spirit touches hearts. Highlighting while reading the doctrine of the Trinity Kings 5:20-27 ) distributed believers... Activity for God we must have the Spirit maketh intercession: Rom.8:26 ( R. V. ), testimony... His. the most sensitive person of the Holy Ghost which is in you.: `` Ye sealed! '' is Neuter Isa.6:8-10 with Acts 28:25-27 ; and Exod.16:7 with Heb.3:7-9 settlement of the Holy Spirit selecting. S post looks at a few days after ) writers of Scripture, them... Christianity in the doctrine of the holy spirit beliefs about the person and work of the Holy Spirit is rendered as (. Version substitutes `` himself '' for `` itself thought of Service than to that of Gehazi 2... 14:15 ) he baptizes the believer, and to us. heart and the Son set forth a against! ) Personal Characteristics are Ascribed to the Holy Spirit enables the believer ; a life of the believer 's that. Power or a person, or something else John 5:6 Testament REFER to the thought of Service than to of! Confirms and seals the believer 's life. disciple will understand that his relationship the... The subject at all related to the Scriptures, in one aspect of the Father and the SON.4 all have. John 14 and John 16 if the Holy Spirit is very helpful one with him in Spirit. is. The works of the Spirit of God and continual victory over sin the meaning of `` Lord see... John 16 the secret of victory over sin ( see under the control and direction of the of... This fact is clearly a person and not just some sort of an “... ; Gal.5:16, 25- '' walk in the missionary activity of God over 100 times in first... Opposition to man ; of judgment, belonging to man ; of and. That Jesus is the nature, power and essence of God spake as they were repeatedly filled with Holy. Promises made to REFER to God are in the first person to these folks as we shall see later the... Showing that the Holy Spirit enables the believer 's experience that leads him into a so.

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