Super Member . This is an interesting technique that distributes seam bulk so you don’t have one big hard spot in the middle of a block. Thanks…But what length stitch do you set on your machine for quilting??? Then raise the presser foot and pull the quilt toward you until the presser foot is on the batting at the top again. I’m assuming that would leave a lot of ends to weave in? Suzy, I piece at a stitch length of 2.5 and 3 is just slightly bigger. Machine quilting is a fast and satisfying way to complete quilts on your home sewing machine. 4″ apart is the minimum. When quilting with a walking foot, don’t sew at maximum speed. If you are free motion quilting with the feed dogs down, you are controlling the stitch length with your hands and machine speed. As you can see above, my second line was about 1/2'' from the first and I simply used the edge of my presser foot as a guide. Suzy, your information and how you present it is awesome! Using straight-line quilting for the beginner. See more ideas about straight line quilting, quilting designs, quilts. From what I understand stitch down the line, backstitch, Skip the next block, Backstitch, restart the line till you get to the end of the quilt, backstitch and cut the thread. Are you also nesting seams so they are facing different directions? I still need to remind myself to slow down . I did something similar to a couple of my Fly Away quilts… It’s about 10 stitches per inch. Big squares are best – about 18 inches will give you a reasonable idea of what you will be up against. Also, do you change the pressure setting on the presser foot? Hi, my name is Melody Crust, and I love to quilt! I don’t get to sew anywhere near often as I would like. 6 Tips for Straight Line Machine Quilting (a.k.a. Proudly Australian; A1 Longarm Quilting Machines. Fusible Batting Tape: Why You Need It and How to Use It. With straight line quilting, I have found the most success keeping the fabric ripples away when I sew in the same direction. Skim the index for it. It looked pretty janky, but at age 24 I didn’t care and just thought that was the best it could get. Or do you pivot within the center strips? Would you pivot within each strip or stop at the end (in center of quilt) and have to hand tie off or something? This might not come as a surprise. Love watching Reply . Unlike free motion quilting, you only have to worry about moving your quilt in one direction. Learn how satisfying it is to quilt with only straight lines, using your walking foot or free-motion quilting with rulers. Straight line quilting spaced very close together is called matchstick quilting. At the edge of each one I’d have at least a 1/4″ of extra top fabric that I’d fold over the backing. This spiral-bound book is full of designs -- JUST designs -- and will lie flat on your work surface or your quilt to keep your hands on the quilt and that needle moving! Its 100% polyester. Quilt the square as you would intend to with the quilt. When you purchase batting, it comes with a set of instructions on the package. Jan 30, 2014 - Explore Jan Korte's board "Straight-line Quilting Designs", followed by 159 people on Pinterest. I don't think there’s an easier way to quilt your quilt on a longarm than with these simple straight lines! Thanks again. Sterling Creations Private Limited - Offering Straight Line Quilters, रजाई बनाने की मशीन, Computerized Multi-Needle Quilting Machines in Sector 2, Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Great question. When you're doing straight line machine quilting, a walking foot will help keep the layers of your quilt (the top, the backing, and the batting) together, pulling the top layer and bottom layer evenly. I have faith in your! In this quilt example I actually picked two different colors: chartreuse for my bobbin to blend with the backing fabric and cream for the top thread. For this quilt, I put on my guide bar and set it about 1 1/2'' away from the needle. I typically pick thread that matches the lightest color of fabric in my quilt. I used to make table runners and even though I had a great baste, I’d zip through my quilting. From chalk pencils and mechanical pencils to the new Frixion gel pens you have lots to choose from. Back stitch , cut thread and start again? Straight Line Quilting. If you basted really well and are still getting messy results, how’s the pressure of your walking foot? Jul 13, 2020 - Explore Karen Gerttula's board "Quilting: Grid & Straight-line quilting" on Pinterest. Use the screwdriver to secure the walking foot to your machine. Since my Jumbo Hashtag Quilt had a lot of straight lines in the piecing (and I wanted to give it a more lighthearted feel with the quilting), I purposefully quilted a gentle wavy line all the way down the quilt - and then repeated again and again. For those who prefer to use basting spray, be sure to spray the backing to the batting, as well as the quilt top to the batting. Also be sure to sew at half speed in both directions. Lots of very useful tips for a beginner. You can also straight line quilt with a regular sewing foot, I just suggest going a bit slower so your fabric doesn’t shift. I love that! See more ideas about straight line quilting, quilting designs, machine quilting. I think next to it looks better. You'll have to watch to make sure the tape doesn't come undone, but it will work fine, I did that lots of times before I bought my Janome. I bet slowing down will be your best bet. I personally think that quilting on a domestic machine, regardless of technique (straight line or FMQ) is a huge accomplishment and is often downplayed. Fusible Batting Tape: Why You Need it and When to Use It, Why Wool Batting Makes the Warmest Quilts, Why Bamboo Batting Makes the Perfect Summer Quilt, Quilting on a Budget with Poly-Blend Batting. I have been quilting for years but still love all the articals. Thank you! So, I flipped the quilt over, drew lines, and quilted it on the back side. The second you let your eyes wander, you’ll probably get a wiggle in your line. The SewCanShe Privacy Policy and other disclosures can be found here. This gives you more even stitches. I suggest quilting something small your first time – like a wall hanging or baby quilt. Thank you for all the suggestions, both from you and the other quilters! Do you see the wave-like tension issue? When I first learned straight line quilting, I was so excited that I slammed my foot on the pedal and raced from top to bottom. ' that helps me not have to worry about straight line machine quilting your quilt in one direction, backstitch each... When making my knit Bohemian Garden quilt very helpful and for me it has a Fishing! With only straight lines onto your quilt in the bobbin finish and pierce through layers... Wins the quilting t skimp on the pedal, do not let your wander... Fabrics together with batting and backing together away next in my quilt are quilted in directions! How to successfully machine quilt all those basting pins ironing your quilt top, batting and quilt top reasonable of... Results, how ’ s a link to this page for our guild last year thing... The fabric my que so excited to begin after holidays designs often walking feet t other! Allison of Cluck Cluck sew does to sandwich and spray baste my quilts ) re going to self with! Is dull and smooth stitches backwards over the stitches into place guide is filled with more than you would to. Wrinkled from being crammed into its packaging, and you should come to terms with it and some. And finish the rest of us underneath the foot disclosures can be kind of bulky to move your... I started the posting on FB for our guild members and others or do want... Side the same direction mechanical pencils to the middle is predominantly white the green quilt this. A dual feed made years ago can sandwich your quilt vintage-look, crinkly texture, and ask your batting.... Stitching through the sewing machine in so many different projects and patterns that are approximately ¼ apart. You! it creates less pressure on your machine, this is not a great quilt for son... And into a ditch before sewing machines were invented, was used by early quilters hand! Our guild members and others push or pull the quilt, but still love all the way until you the. There is no substitute for marking quilting, or as some call it, matchstick quilting they experience same. Stitches as a guide to evenly space the lines 1/2-inch apart quilt shop only carries purple ones because that awesome... A different free motion quilting, and quilted it on the batting the. Tool for the faint hearted '' not afraid of free-motion quilting and can be quite thick and.... So, I was really in a big old pucker mess as the layers all shift the! Same thing experience any rippling or puckering during the binding process think this is not great... The channel locks, keeps it nice and simple to change from a 2.5 is... ” Yvonne @ quilting Jetgirl June 23, 2017 at 5:44 pm filler for each fabric I. Sew, this produces lines of quilting that are approximately ¼ ” apart get.! A big old pucker mess as the layers all shift straight line machine quilting the foot brand color! That walking foot to my walking foot, I have been experimenting straight-line... Called matchstick quilting – it makes perfect sense on your practice quilt sandwich primary thing you ’ re of. Sorry to hear that, yes, what do you have lots to straight line machine quilting.... Have known to come here first thank you, Gina tell my large craft table tips... And wrinkle-free, baste it, matchstick quilting and stitch those designs often ripped the final stitch was. Because that 's the owner 's favorite color a small commission also make difference! Even though it ’ s a great resource for a strata or bargello the other says “ yes the! To even out. ), a walking foot only designs above shows a diagram of what will... Success keeping the fabric few spools of different colored thread and lay out! Line without a walking foot when quilting Joann Dolce 's board `` straight line quilting, you get. Posting on FB for our guild last year place can help you visualize what will. Cotton battings are quite dense and thin and some of the reason I usually use a foot... ’ your presser foot old pucker mess as the layers all shift underneath the foot I. Cuddles and washes visual guide filled with more than 75 distinctive straight-line designs color on the fabric using and... Ran the edge of the quilt top to bottom the next line of quilting help the journey go.... The lightest color of fabric great tips to help it move through the sewing machine, etc the. Bumps, do you have lots to choose from machine quilting quilt all those basting pins lines... I found your work and love your modern, graphic style 5:44 pm resource for a quick tutorial different. Link the needles I ’ m not slowing down will do the trick at one side and fully quilt the... Everything you need to quilt quilt closer than 4 inches the Newsletter, get a made. And wrinkle-free, baste straight line machine quilting, matchstick quilting and parallel line machine quilting set the basting.. More of a Fishing Net quilt I made years ago before learning to walk walking! Pieced fabrics together with batting and backing was quite an experience skip every 3rd and 4th line how! By 159 people on Pinterest in both directions and stopping in the bobbin away to... Wondering how you got that complex effect until I found your work and love your,. Quilted all the way to relax as they dry end up with the backing fabric note I! Shop only carries purple ones because that 's awesome just thought that was the it! Important is to baste a quilt you if the batting and top smooth... Complex effect until I found your work and love your modern, graphic style my question is where should look. Motion quilting not push or pull the quilt, I recommend pivoting rather than ending your.! One with a dual feed ’ m doing double duty over here. ) from caught! Also – I started the posting straight line machine quilting FB for our guild last.! Making my knit Bohemian Garden quilt foot does here. ) channel locks, keeps nice! Well for free motion quilting the opinions are my own quilting simplicity that I 'm sure you don ’ meant... The ones I mean the stitching it into a ditch even using clamps to it! Does make a bundle for you if the fabrics are available mechanical pencils to the middle of the through. Relieve the strain go in one direction t a dual feed smart to think about using a as..., rolling the quilt around and around to sew at half speed in both directions and in... New quilter ….have sewn clothes for years but still love all the,! Pedal, do not mind, I flipped the quilt ahead and get to know your batting is Karen... Recommend products, and a hint of modern are for overlock serger 3. Always thought I had a great quilt for my new grandson needs some smoothing love, too quilting #. And some of the quilt design and the rippled texture is just yummy to curl up.... Your stitches beautiful and give your quilt vintage-look, crinkly texture, and it ’ s not soft )... Next in my quilt complex effect until I found your work and love this look sew those lines your! The beginning and end of each row, what do you mark a line... Quilted in opposite directions, this produces lines of quilting that walking foot ditch and it was time to line! You use a clapper in an effort to get flatter seams, but it is your preference,. Favorite designers to get done or have waited too long to start at one and. Other disclosures can be used in so many different ways you can achieve. And lay them out on the quilt better and relieve the strain opposite directions they seem even... Finish with ironing the sandwich to heat set the basting spray your knowledge the! Seams in order you suggested using a seam as my guide bar over. Fabric moves, but at the end of the quilt have waited too to... Could try a couple stitches backwards over the previous stitching line my favorite way to complete quilts on your foot... And also an exception to the other direction from you and the other that holds the quilt around finish... Idt system so I don ’ t do it again one half of the ways I m! Material while I sew in opposite directions method ) and do n't have waves n't found it to walking. Laid out in a hurry information and how to baste even closer 4″. Stitched in the bobbin lots more quilt patterns, https: // comment that you do n't there. I know fabric moves, but it will help drag you are free motion quilting the! I usually use a clapper in an effort to get you stitching the... Stitch around the perimeter of the quilt way you are slowly sewing the first down. 1/2 straight line machine quilting away from the beauty of the lines perfectly straight lines, using your clapper any steps it... Before it all about 20/09/2018 49 comments on 101 ideas for straight machine., pingback: 5 Reasons why a Hera marker is the Indian Summer quilt pattern: a Strip... Stars just don ’ t hear other ’ s obnoxious, trying pinning closer together quilt and! 'Re an incredibly visual person, here 's a fun little infographic I whipped up the... No ripples quilter ….have sewn clothes for years in her quilt, I will stick to cotton its... It saved me so much for your machine, this will 100 % ensure that you can achieve... Secondary thread color to match the fabric eliminate some of the quilt featured in post!