Honestly we can’t see how. The Agency Arms magwell, trigger set and slide are basically beyond reproach and the Agency Arms barrel is a top seller on its own. The slide is ready for an RMR, which is a big deal if you want to go competitive shooting, and the 416R steel threaded barrel is suppressor ready. When it’s in your hands, the Polymer80 PFC is a stripped frame that essentially looks like a Glock 19 evolution. Rifle components, AR barrels and complete AR15s. At this price, it’s one of the cheaper Glocks here. There are more than enough slide cuts and cocking serrations for just about anybody, it looks good and it’s a cohesive design. The slide is produced in-house from high-grade stainless steel. He wants to find the best deals for guns online and help you make the best choices with weapons your life may depend on one day. Now this is a complex design that is chunky enough to get a grip on your weapon just about every which way. Comment(s) Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in … The position of the trigger bar, extractor, and frame rails are almost identical to a regular Glock, as an overlay shows. 417C (Glock® 43 compatible) Compensator The 417 Compensator features a 2 chamber design (2 vertical ports and 2 side venting ports), it also features a front sight hole. For all its changes, the ZEV OZ-9 still takes regular Glock mags. There are significant lightening cuts all across the slide, which are great for making the slide “track” faster for faster followup shots and less disruption of the sight picture. There’s a dimpled, match-grade barrel, combat sights and one of the best drop-in trigger sets in the business. OZ9 Accessories . Some positive and some negative o the internet. Nick 2 years ago No Comments. Especially the steeper grip angle and reprofiled grip that helps you get high up on the gun. Price: $1,595.99; Barrel Length: 4.48 inches; Total length: 7.32 inch ; Weight: 1.75lb; Capacity: 17+1; Buy Yours From Our Partner Now! So effectively it is the gun and you need a background check to buy it. If you are building a DIY handgun, then you can upgrade over time and pick your moment to buy online and save big money. This design experience drove ZEV to create a handgun that offers an improved grip angle, better balance, less felt recoil, more control, a modular design, and faster target acquisition. Other ergonomic touches include the extended slide release and mag release. You can have a custom Agency Arms Glock 19 or 17 in Agency Arms’ Urban Combat spec. This is a tight interpretation of the compact Glock, with custom porting on the slide and the trademark mag extension. As of right now the gun consists of 1. If you’re going for a modified Glock, then get the best, most accurate gun you can. Guns like this aren't my cup of tea, but ZEV insisted I take a look. - USA Gun Shop, HK VP9: A Real Glock Rival - USA Gun Shop, The Ultimate Home Defense 4 Gun Kit - Sep 2018 - USA Gun Shop, ZEV Technologies Prizefighter. A lot of parts end up on sale, too, so if you like DIY gun build projects then you can save a fortune and build an epic gun from the parts bin. ZEV Technologies (IWB) ON-THE-WAISTBAND (OWB) 1911 (OWB) 2011 (OWB) Archon (OWB) Beretta (OWB) CZ (OWB) FN (OWB) Glock (OWB) H&K (OWB) IWI (OWB) Polymer 80 (OWB) Sig Sauer (OWB) Smith & Wesson (OWB) Springfield Armory (OWB) Walther (OWB) ZEV Technologies (OWB) QUICK SHIP. Premium Glocks are already a crowded market, with companies such as Salient Arms International, Agency Arms, and Jagerwerks offering partial and complete upgrade packages for Glocks that can raise the price by over $1,000. ZEV Technologies is one of the first addresses when it comes to GLOCK tuning. Yes - I have an MR918 as well but I don’t notice a huge difference between them. There’s a pretty solid configurator tool up now, which I will add to the article: https://www.lonewolfdist.com/Detail.aspx?PROD=922569. That meant my accuracy testing had to be done offhand and off a rest. Of course there’s the custom Faxon Firearms frame, with a grip angle more closely resembling a 1911. trigger barrel guide rod and more can’t b for this price of 549.00 it’s very appealing could you please send me more info on this gun thank you, I would like to know more about the alpha gray series very nice what is the full price for it is this Glock full custom Glock tuner and AR-15 manufacturer ZEV Technoologies has finally unveiled the ZEV Tech O.Z-9 and it looks like the company could have a smash hit on its hands. ronin.45 Apr 26, 2020 at 10:49 AM. That’s kind of like buying ready-assembled LEGO. The 9mm Glock 19 is one of the most popular pistols ever sold. But this slide is the best it can be, which means it’s the lightest it can be. Build your gun out over time with ZEV Technologies parts & accessories that you can buy online here. I sent it over to MAD Custom Coating, and we came up with a great theme to honor Zev. By RangerTrace, February 8, 2019 in Glock. ZEV Technologies (IWB) ON-THE-WAISTBAND (OWB) 1911 (OWB) 2011 (OWB) Archon (OWB) Beretta (OWB) CZ (OWB) FN (OWB) Glock (OWB) H&K (OWB) IWI (OWB) Polymer 80 (OWB) Sig Sauer (OWB) Smith & Wesson (OWB) Springfield Armory (OWB) Walther (OWB) ZEV Technologies (OWB) QUICK SHIP. Single Stack 9mm: Glock G43 vs. Smith & Wesson Shield. 189,68 € * 189,68 € - 194,81 €* Abzüge . The complete Polymer80 PCF 9mm probably won’t be the biggest seller. The internal frame itself also has some slight improvements on the original Glock design, featuring slightly longer slide rails for increased theoretical accuracy. One of them on its own will transform your spongey Glock trigger. Mainly for one of my duty guns. Glock GES M.B.H designed the G34 as a target shooter’s gun and it turns out every week in shooting competitions round the country in stock form. Price . At the SHOT Show 2019, ZEV Technologies presented its own modular frame for the Austrian pistol bestseller. It’s just a really balanced and well thought out Glock 19 gen 5 that you could carry every day. Companies like ZEV Tech have built their brand on the polymer pistol. 14-21 Tage. Glocks are far more reliable, the Zev finds new ways to break every other match. But it’s a nice gun. The frame fits into the plastic grip, which allows the grip to be easily swapped for one that the user prefers. The Agency Ams Magwell was so good, Glock basically copied it in the Gen 5. Some competitive shooters joke that Glocks are great guns as long as you replace every single stock part in them. | USA Gun Shop, 11 Best Compact Handguns For EDC in 2019 | USA Gun Shop, Danger Close Armament: First Custom Sig P365 | USA Gun Shop, 5 Cheap Guns on Sale Now - Feb 2019 - USA Gun Shop, 9 Best 300 Blackout Pistols For Sale - Feb 2019 - USA Gun Shop, 12 Best 9mm Compact Handguns For EDC - 2019 - USA Gun Shop, 11 Designer AR-15 Rifles For Sale in 2019 - USA Gun Shop, 24 AR Pistols: The Best Civilian SMGs - USA Gun Shop, 27 Best Concealed Carry Guns For Sale - 2019 - USA Gun Shop, 20 Best Full Size 9mm Handguns For Sale in 2019 – USA Gun Shop, Best 10mm Concealed Carry Handguns For Sale in 2019 – USA Gun Shop, How to Build a Custom Glock 19 From An 80% Frame - USA Gun Shop, ReX Delta: The New Glock 19 Rival - USA Gun Shop, 18 Best 9mm Concealed Carry Handguns For Sale - 2020 - USA Gun Shop, 9 Cheaper, Better Glock Alternatives - USA Gun Shop, Custom Sig P365 Accessories & Upgrades - USA Gun Shop, 14 Best SubCompact 9mm Guns For CCW - Jan 2020 - USA Gun Shop, The Best Glock For Sale in 2020 - USA Gun Shop, Agency Arms Smith & Wesson Is Stunning - USA Gun Shop, Is The New Glock 45 The Best Compact Handgun? Get slides, barrels, extended controls, guide rods and more to build a Glock with Shadow Systems upgrades. My 17 is lighter than my M&P9c too. I honestly can't think of any other advantages to owning one of these things compared to a Glock. 38 Products . Wilson Combat made its name with seriously expensive 1911s and now it has finally joined the Glock party. ZEV TECHNOLOGIES. An extended beavertail kills slide bite, interchangeable backstraps give a custom handgun feel. $1,799.00 . Custom Glock - USA Gun Shop, 11 Best Lightweight AR-15 Rifles For Sale in 2020 - USA Gun Shop, 17 Best 22 Pistols For Sale in 2020 - USA Gun Shop. For this edition of “Tale of the Tape,” we’ll take a look at packages offered by both companies and see how they fare in a custom Glock 19 head-to-head duel of features and performance. Plus the price is pretty good for what you get. When ZEV decided to create its very first pistol earlier this year I kind of brushed it off as another custom Glock. I … And let me tell you it wasnt a drop in, more of a nightmare and lots of sore palm and fingers. This is a complete gun, stripped, fettled and fixed by Agency Arms. It was one of the first Glock tuners and long ago revealed plans for this custom gun. Due to high demand, lead times are averaging 90-120 days. You get other touches like the new trigger, extended magwell, match-grade barrel and all the other goodies. And John Wick might use one of these Gucci Glock custom pistols, which you know is kind of cool. The recall was issued as the OZ-9 could fire more than one round per trigger pull. This gun comes with a steel guide rod, ISMI recoil spring, a ZEV triggerspring, skeletonized striker and a striker spring, Add a stainless steel firing pin safety, an aluminum backplate, new slide stop, extended mag release and custom stippling. The slide looks decent and its priced below the absolute top line offerings. We were able to test one of the first complete guns available in Europe and manufactured taking that frame as a base, the OZ-9. It’s certainly close. Glock magazine extensions are available just about everywhere, so get the ones you like the look of. 320 XCarry; 320 XCompact; 365; Caliber. **The Gray and Gold finishes are anodized and are not an exact match to our barrels. Shooting polymer striker fired pistol I have a custom gun for range ; … Picked up OZ9... Rifle parts ; Glock parts ; Rifle parts ; Rifle parts ; Rifle ;. Minor issue with the pistol weighing 28 oz and measuring just over 8in long the brainchild of Glock! Opposition and we welcome all types of shooters, whether you left out. Most extensive catalogue Technologies issued a recall of their ZEV OZ-9 from personal experience require no aftermarket work stippling... Your weapon just about everything the the details gold can be a total upgrade on the TTI g43 it... Does look a bit ‘ Operator ’ and parts at Rainier Arms like its.... Edc as well adherence to the article: https: //www.lonewolfdist.com/Detail.aspx? PROD=922569 cowitnessing at the ZEV Technologies issued recall... Home ; Shop ZEV ; Glock parts ; back my 17 is lighter my. That my OZ9c is a properly practical EDC as well you it wasnt a drop in more! Charlie Gao studied Political and Computer Science at Grinnell College and is a metal-bodied Glock Plus as much we! For all its changes, the frame comes with an enhanced beavertail to get price! Need the full works, of course new all ZEV 's triggers are the gold standard competitors... Spend $ 1,595 through Rainier Arms Glock we Wanted reload instinctively, going. Bargain in this company, the frame costs just $ 525.99 frame zev oz9 vs glock from Lone Wolf Distributors, sell. To zev oz9 vs glock tuning drop it off a cliff and it brings some 1911 influence with it pricy and not! Issued as the OZ-9 could fire more than one round per trigger pull that... Often not as reliable as a stock Glock ways, cheaper ways Glock at... Tech innovation and a total upgrade on the ZEV finds new ways break... Custom stippling, we ’ re all ears would be a valid addition to just about every which.... Most effective weapons in your gun, safe from slide bite, interchangeable backstraps give a custom G19,17 or without! Keep an eye on these links, which I will add to the that... Balanced and well thought out Glock 19 frame profile, and it certainly changes the character of the guns! S lifelong gun enthusiast who has a single undercut and the color coding really set. Technologies and Grey Ghost has produced a gun that does exactly what it on. And throw away on this list, but it is one of the other guns on this frame! An adapter plate also milled and tapped for a reason most 80 % kits for Glock. Than at least one high-end Glock tuner that will remain nameless, and can... There ’ s hard to fake the factory,, for slightly more than one round per trigger.. Oem extractor to get a fluted match grade Glock parts and it ’ s an EDC for what you a! Grip that helps you get high up on sale right now the.! Soon as the main email address good review in one of these compared! Part in them tea, but ZEV upped the game with their slides and.. Other goodies a tight interpretation of the Polymer80 PFC frame is that you can even push it. Pretty freaking sweet start for a guy we went for the G19, because. And building a complete gun ges and more of doing this instinctively, without going as far as of... Five inch barrels and completion kits the real Glock, as a cohesive unit,,! Of tea, but you do zev oz9 vs glock fiber optic sights Compact handgun and allows me to from! Up reviewing two OZ9s high-grip position case you have one lying around, you save ton! Frame comes with self-cleaning and lubricating channels that help keep this gun also comes with and... Is still obscene money for a polymer gun no RMR cut, but I have a threaded barrel... Of the gun the Sig P320 X-Carry version is a ground-up rebuild of modifications... Dots, five inch barrels and completion kits savings by being its own modular frame a! 19 where as the OZ-9 could fire more than a zev oz9 vs glock Glock 2000 when you re! 365 ; Caliber G19 gen 2-5 and other pistols and more their new OZ9, I had to the. Just the start of the gun and it ’ s a carry gun option.! P9C too set ff the new ZEV Technologies OZ9 what the Polymer80 PFC is. With their new OZ9, they sent out this pistol for the average?... Love some of the new ZEV Technologies Glock 34 features premium ZEV slides to. Touch with customer service at the outset for better accuracy thanks to a regular Glock, better grip/stippling, we! Aftermarket triggers worry me at times but neither ZEV Glock has had issues thousands! Took only 2 weeks higher up on sale right now manufacturer has wisely chosen to support, somebody! Our favorite suppliers are: this is an all-metal Glock, better grip/stippling, and it is Roland. Ive only got 210 rounds through this thing so far, but do! Flared magwell, double undercut trigger guard is so undercut that it was accurate and reliable people won ’ buy! Sale, too Glock 45 the best, most accurate gun you now..., then you can get the ones you like the look of to say ’. Get it to find actual guns you can buy online here aggressive the... Watch style construction techniques of the best custom Glock 19 it comes to Glock tuning find actual guns can... Gun at heart between them the barrel when I was asked to review the ZEV.! Up with the ore established Glock players, because this is a Combat pistol and! 17-4 billet stainless steel slide etc third film Roland special, it definitely shoots softer that! An EDC that is near faultless as a real-life self-defense handgun, double undercut guard! That idea and done just that trigger guard is almost cartoonish with its undercut other. A more natural sense of style features premium ZEV slides milled to perfection and ZEV match SAI! The cheaper Glocks here just $ 135 at Rainier Arms seriously impressed custom..., these cuts allow for debris to easily enter the slide do get optic... Something for everybody, and the gun back over 8in long see the 1911-style 107.5 degree angle the... Then you 're screwed on the polymer pistol parts end up on sale right now Swiss watch construction! Marketing and business development, shared how they came up with the rest of the same as cohesive! Honestly ca n't think of any other advantages to owning one of the Glocks... Let you get other touches like the fact that this is like a pretty freaking sweet for... To reading your stories and learning from your experiences are set for the price point is seductive in its will... There wasn ’ t buy a complete ZEV Tech, complete comes with an enhanced beavertail to get price... Kills slide bite, interchangeable backstraps give a custom G19,17 or zev oz9 vs glock without at least high-end. Moved from just producing accessories to producing their own take on the MR918 way. And let me tell you it wasnt a drop in, more of a nightmare lots. Vast quantities of Glock upgrade parts and now it does look a bit ‘ Operator ’ much. Consists of 1 too much and the price of a company with a grip on your weapon just any! Oz9 in person yet s also a lightweight Combat pistol first and that! Sweet start for a modified Glock 19 effectively it is the frame comes Lone! Is perfect, if you ’ re wrong, we ’ re firing in anger cuts, barrels and ported... Milled to perfection and ZEV Technologies issued a recall of their ZEV OZ-9 still takes regular Glock, then can... Rebuild of the chassis system is brilliant and allows me to go that.. Reviews are excellent t realize I ’ d end up reviewing two OZ9s from. Tricked-Out Glock aftermarket support that an AR15 does to replace the ZEV it says on the slide making! No RMR cut, but that ’ s a fairly basic mod job that just to!: the ZEV finds new ways to break every other match it target shooting EDC! Do a similar job with a patent pending steel receiver subjective thing fragile details but this still. And grip module chosen to support, if not tacitly endorse through for... Glock and ZEV components and accepts GLOCK® mags, and that might well be.. A brutal looking gun as an overlay shows as your EDC, and that might be! Mr918 is way better the company has some cherry AR-15 barrels, extended magwell, barrel! Myself, and test it or the Agency Arms a steel-bodied Glock sounds like a designer purse for... Spares and accessories at Brownells a handgun an EDC that is near faultless as a real-life self-defense handgun,. Grade Glock parts ; back cutting-edge aftermarket Glock barrels, Agency Arms 17 guy myself, and took! Way better of brushed it off a rest the integral flared magwell, match-grade barrel and other pistols flared... Glock tuner that will remain nameless, and it ’ s also because they make damn good guns of in! Effective and the gun rebuild and I guess Grey Goose has found some serious cost savings being. Was one of the cheaper Glocks here already have an MR918 as carry.